Twitter Sets Limit On Number Of Posts User Can Read Per Day

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Pune 1st July 2023: Elon Musk on Saturday announced a new policy for the number of posts Twitter user can read in a day. The step according to him was a temporary move aimed to address ‘the extreme level of data scrapping and system manipulation.’


In a tweet Elon Musk shared the detailed policy that allows verified and unverified users to read limited number of posts on Twitter each day. According to the new policy, verified user can read 10,000 posts per day while unverified user can read 1,000 posts. The accounts which are newly verified will be limited to read 500 posts per day.


Earlier on Saturday, Musk announced that verified users can read only 6,000 posts per day, unverified can read 600 posts and newly verified users can read 300 posts per day. However, he later changed it to 8,000 posts for verified, 800 for verified and 400 for newly verified users and later increased it to 10,000 for verified, 1,000 for unverified and 500 posts for newly verified users.