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Pune : Uber Eats’ first-ever Future of Food Summit, the global platform for on-demand food delivery, announced several new business metrics.

The 2-day summit hosts 300 industry and leaders from across Asia Pacific for keynotes and panel discussions featuring Uber executives as well as notable F&B figures from around the region including Coca-Cola, Cafe Coffee Day, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Guzman y Gomez, Chai Time and Black Sheep Restaurant.

In conjunction with the summit, Deloitte also presented a report titled Future of Food: How Technology and Global Trends are Transforming the Food Industry. A significant focal point of the findings explores how the F&B ecosystem is becoming more integrated and codependent, with technology creating a more diverse food ecosystem. Changing consumer preferences are also blurring the lines between players (e.g. grocers are selling ready-to-eat meals).

Raj Beri, Regional Head of Uber Eats, APAC, explained, “Consumers in APAC order more on Uber Eats than any other geography in the world. We grew from 29 to 75 cities in 2018 alone, and today we partner with over 71,000 active restaurants in APAC. Given our unique position in this ecosystem, we saw a way to create even more value for our community by connecting restaurant partners through the Future of Food Summit – leveraging the power of our network to build a stronger future for the industry together.”

A third of consumers in Asia are now using food delivery services, with 7% of them putting in a food delivery order at least once a week. The Deloitte report also showed a greater share of personal budgets going to food prepared outside of the home, with convenience being a big driving factor.