Udhav Thackeray tells PM Modi : Prevent Corona outbreak reaching the third stage

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Mumbai, March 20, 2020:- ‘Maharashtra is confronting the outbreak of Corona with full might. Presently, we are in the second stage of transmission of the disease and we have to speed up all the measures in order to keep away from entering the third phase. Especially, the capacity of screening centers, laboratories is required to be increased in large number’. This was said by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the video conferencing interaction.

Prime Minister Modi today had discussions with the chief ministers of the nation. Thackeray was given the first chance to speak. The Janata curfew announcement made by the Prime Minister is having positive effect.

The Maharashtra government has also taken timely measures so as to ensure that the spread of Corona is curbed to a larger extent. No stone was left unturned in efforts for controlling the spread.

The number of Corona patients is seemingly less but looking at the spread of Corona virus, it will not be better to be in delusion, the chief minister said. All the International flights are going to be stopped from March 22. Until then, 20 to 25 thousand travelers will be arriving in the state and elsewhere in the nation. These passengers are required to be quarantined and treatment will has to be started at the earliest. From this angle, more facilities are necessary. The passengers who will be arriving at the Mumbai -Pune and Nagpur International Airports from foreign lands will be in a hurry to reach their places and for this they will be using whatever means of transportation is available.

We are having a challenge to stop them and measures are needed to do this, said Mr Thackeray. As of today, all the medical facilities are available in the state but in the coming days more quarantine facilities will be required. More medicine, ventilators and hospitals for treatment will also be required.

The military hospitals can also be used, if need arises, so measures should be taken in this regard, the chief minister added.