Unlocking Better Mileage: Tips for Drivers Amid Rising Fuel Prices

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New Delhi, 22nd February 2024: Cars play a significant role in transportation across the country. However, many drivers often face concerns about their car’s low mileage. In this report, we provide you with some insights that can help you achieve better mileage with ease.

Recently, the prices of petrol and diesel have seen a rapid increase, making driving a bit challenging for many. If the car’s mileage also drops, the problem is exacerbated. However, by paying attention to certain factors, this issue can be mitigated.

To ensure better mileage from your car, it’s essential to always keep an eye on the correct tyre pressure. Incorrect tyre pressure forces the engine to work harder, resulting in lower mileage. Therefore, it’s recommended to regularly check the tyre pressure and inflate it with the right amount of air when low.
Regular servicing of your vehicle can significantly reduce the likelihood of lower mileage. During servicing, various essential parts are inspected, including spark plugs, air filters, etc. Additionally, engine oil and oil filters are also replaced during servicing, leading to improved engine life and better mileage.

Driving at a consistent speed is an easy way to achieve better mileage. Maintaining a steady speed within the specified limit not only ensures safety but also requires the engine to operate at a consistent capacity, resulting in improved mileage.

Using brakes and clutch judiciously while driving also contributes to improved mileage. Many drivers keep their foot on the clutch pedal while driving, which not only decreases mileage but also negatively impacts the clutch plate.