Unlocking Clarity and Intuition: A Guide to Healing Your Third Eye Chakra with Reiki

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Prachi Deshpande
Pune, 16th February 2023: Today we will be learning about the sixth major chakra known as Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra.

It is all about clarity about the reality.

Are we seeing what really is there or are we imagining people and situations in a certain rigid way?

Are we clear about our vision and life purpose or are we living a life of delusion doing and seeing what we don’t like? Are we trusting our intuition or are we ignoring it in search of external validation?

All these complex thoughts are governed by Third Eye Chakra.

People with unhealed Third Eye Chakra find it difficult to relate to reality. They often access inner knowledge associated with past lives. They find it difficult to understand what is truth and what is fiction. They struggle to make decisions and are often confused even after finally making a decision.

They struggle trusting their problem solving abilities and their intuition.
They often do exactly opposite of what they feel they should do.
They rely heavily on other’s approval.

Unhealed Third Eye Chakra makes people rigid and insensitive towards others and themselves too. They focus a lot of their energy on finding faults in themselves and others. They struggle to see beauty in the world.

When healed, Third Eye Chakra makes us trust our inner voice, it guides us in the right direction whenever we hit a crossroad. We are in tune with our life purpose and focus most of our energy in living a meaningful and purposeful life.

People with healed and balanced Third Eye Chakra experience sharp memory and laser focus.

Reiki heals the Third Eye Chakra in a very gentle manner and clears all the painful and repressed visual memories and all the external invalidation that we have experienced at some point of time in our lives.

Place one hand on your forehead and other at the back of your head and give Reiki for 3-4 minutes daily to your Third Eye Chakra to heal and balance it.

That’s all for today. We will be learning about the seventh major chakra in the next article and take a major step towards holistic self development.

Prachi Deshpande


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