Uttarakhand: Police and Municipal Corporation Face Backlash in Malik’s Garden Operation

Haldwani riots
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Haldwani, 8th February 2024: Tensions escalated in Banbhulpura as a joint operation between the police-administration and municipal corporation unfolded unexpectedly, targeting the contentious Malik’s Garden. The teams began gathering at various locations around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, leaving the residents in the dark about the impending action.

As officials, police, and media assembled in front of Banbhulpura police station, residents sought answers to the unfolding situation. The heavy police presence hinted at a connection with the Malik’s Garden issue, which had been making headlines for the past seven days. Prior arrangements were made by the locals, anticipating the team’s arrival.

Barricades were strategically placed to restrict access to Malik’s Garden, preventing people from reaching the site. Attempts to remove barricades and hinder government vehicles were met with resistance. Women from the area staged a protest in front of the police, and when efforts failed, they converged at Malik’s Garden.

The situation took a violent turn as stones were hurled at the team from multiple directions, with Muslim youth joining the confrontation. Despite efforts to expel the agitators, they persisted in pelting stones from various vantage points. After dismantling illegal encroachments, the police and corporation employees began leaving the area, facing continued attacks with stones.

In the darkness that ensued, streetlights were extinguished, exacerbating the challenge for the police and corporation workers. Miscreants strategically used pre-collected stones, intensifying the assault. As forces sought refuge, they found gates locked from the inside, leaving them exposed to the onslaught. CCTV cameras near Gopal Mandir and other locations, crucial for identifying wrongdoers, were vandalized, hampering post-incident investigations.

The events surrounding Malik’s Garden have ignited concerns about public safety and the need for effective intervention to address contentious issues in the region. Investigations are ongoing to identify those responsible for the violence and destruction of public property.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reviewed the situation with the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police along with other senior officers of Police and Intelligence. Appealed to people to maintain peace. Instructions were also given to deal strictly with unruly elements.