Vegetable Prices Surge in Pune Due to Reduced Supply

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Pune, 27th May 2024: The price of leafy vegetables in Pune has surged due to a decrease in supply, causing a ripple effect on the cost of other produce. Leafy greens, including coriander, fenugreek, and onions, have seen a 10 percent increase in prices. Additionally, the cost of tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, and green peppers has risen by 5 to 10 percent. Conversely, the price of groundnut pods has dropped due to an increase in supply.

On Sunday, May 26th, the wholesale market at Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard received 90 truckloads of fruits and vegetables from various regions, including Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. Specific shipments included 8 to 10 tempos of green chilies from Karnataka and Gujarat, 4 tempos of Totapuri mangoes from Tamil Nadu, 4 to 5 tempos of cabbage from Gujarat and Karnataka, and 3 to 4 tempos of beans from Karnataka.

Senior market official Vilas Bhujbal reported that the market also received 5 to 6 truckloads of drumsticks from Andhra Pradesh, 9 to 10 trucks of garlic from Madhya Pradesh, and several other shipments from different states.

The influx from the Pune Division included 600 to 700 sacks of Satari ginger, 5 to 6 tempos each of okra and guar, 9 to 10 thousand boxes of tomatoes, 4 to 5 tempos of green chilies, 8 to 10 tempos of Dhobi chilies, 7 to 8 tempos of cucumbers, 4 to 5 tempos of cabbage, and 8 to 10 tempos each of flowers, Dhobli chilies, and red pumpkins. Additionally, the market received 4 to 5 tempos of Gavran mangoes, 200 to 250 sacks of groundnut pods, 80 trucks of onions, and 30 trucks of potatoes from Indore, Agra, and local areas.

On Sunday, the market yard’s vegetable section received one lakh bundles of coriander and fifty thousand bundles of fenugreek. In the wholesale market, the prices of leafy green vegetables were reported as follows: leafy greens at Rs 700 per bundle, radishes at Rs 800 to 1500, amaranth at Rs 400 to 600, chuka at Rs 400 to 700, chawlai at Rs 300 to 800, and spinach at Rs 1000 to 1100.

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Traders have noted that while the prices of leafy vegetables have increased, the prices of other fruits and vegetables have remained stable. The market continues to adjust to the fluctuations in supply and demand.