Violent Retaliation: Lakshmi Narayan Temple President’s Residence Attacked in Canada by Khalistani supporters

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Surrey, 29th December 2023: In a shocking incident, the president of the renowned Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Surrey, British Columbia, became the target of a fatal attack by Khalistani supporters.

Late on Wednesday night, assailants fired a total of 14 rounds at the residence of Temple President Satish Kumar. While no injuries were reported, the house sustained damage from the barrage of bullets.

Satish Kumar revealed that the attack occurred at his son’s residence, and the assailants discharged at least 14 rounds during the assault. Law enforcement swiftly responded, with police officers remaining at the scene for several hours. They meticulously examined evidence, interviewed witnesses, and scoured the neighborhood for potential CCTV footage to aid in their investigation.

According to news agency ANI, the firing transpired early on Wednesday morning at the residence of Satish Kumar’s son, located in the 14900 block of 80th Avenue in Surrey.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, confirming damage to the house during the attack. Satish Kumar, serving as the president of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey, has been linked to the recent protests organized at the temple against Khalistani militants. The assault is being viewed as a retaliatory act in response to these protests.

Satish Kumar disclosed that a counter-protest had been organized at the temple last month to oppose Khalistani extremists when they had gathered to attack the temple complex. Unfortunately, this marks the third occasion where either Lakshmi Narayan Temple or its members have fallen victim to attacks by Khalistan supporters, underlining the escalating tensions surrounding the temple and its stance against Khalistani activities.