A Heartwarming Tale Takes Center Stage at the 2024 Rose Parade: Meet Lua, the “Feed the Love” Float Star

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California, 1st January 2024: Amidst the dazzling spectacle of creatively adorned floats at the 2024 Rose Parade, a rising star is poised to capture hearts and spread a message of love. The spotlight will shine on the “Feed the Love” float, a collaborative masterpiece crafted by Pasadena Humane and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

At the heart of this enchanting creation stands Lua, a 6-year-old purebred pit bull, exuding joy with her wagging tail and perky ears. Lua’s charming presence serves as a symbol of hope and resilience for shelter animals everywhere. The “Feed the Love” float not only showcases dozens of pets but also emphasizes the importance of compassion, adoption, and responsible pet ownership.

Kevin McManus, the communications manager for Pasadena Humane, affectionately describes Lua as a “love bug” who enjoys the simple pleasures of life – snuggling, giving kisses, and playing with her toys. Lua’s journey, mirroring that of many shelter animals, began with an initial adoption in 2022. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances led to her return to the shelter, where she eagerly awaits a forever home.

Addressing the challenges faced by pet owners, Dia DuVernet, President & CEO of Pasadena Humane, sheds light on the increasing instances of housing insecurity and financial difficulties that make it challenging for individuals to keep their beloved pets. Despite Lua’s positive qualities and being labelled a “good girl” by her foster family, the nonprofit is surprised that she has yet to find a permanent home.

Volunteers and shelter staff emphasize Lua’s friendly nature, highlighting her impeccable house training and leash manners. They express unwavering confidence that Lua, with her endearing personality, will charm parade-goers and won’t be daunted by the grand stage of the Rose Parade.