Viral Pune Railway Ticket indicating privatisation by Adani is fake

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, January 01, 2021: Indian Railways hasn’t been sold to Adani, the news is fake. A few days ago, a morphed image of a Pune Junction railway ticket went viral on social media. ‘Adani Railway’ was morphed on the image of the ticket and people were also claiming that the cost of the ticket was increased to Rs 50 due to privatisation.


The original picture of the ticket was posted by journalist Prashant Kanojia in the month of August last year. The image was edited to claim that the railways had been taken over by famous industrialist Gautam Adani and the prices have been increased to maintain social distancing during the pandemic.


Many users on social media began circulating the image and saying that the Indian Railways has now become ‘Adani Railway’. Some users also said that the cost of the ticket is out of reach for poor people.


Viral Image vs. Real Image

It was soon found out that the image was morphed. When the real image shared by journalist Prashant Kanojia was compared with the viral image, it was concluded that the image had been edited and ‘Adani Railway’ had been written above the ‘Pune Junction’.


What is the cost of the ticket?

The cost of the ticket is actually Rs 50. In an article by the Indian Express, VK Yadav, Railway Board Chairman, has been quoted that the cost of the ticket was increased during the pandemic to avoid unnecessary crowding at the stations. However, the decision will be reviewed again after the pandemic.