Viral Video Sparks Outrage: Youth Proudly Evades Fines for Dark Car Window Films

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri, 2nd January 2024: A viral video circulating on social media reveals a concerning trend of a youth openly boasting about accumulating fines for dark window films on his Swift car, defiantly stating that the receipts will be issued but the fines will not be paid. The video, unmistakably shot in the Pimpri Chinchwad area with an MH 14 RTO passing, exposes the individual’s disregard for traffic regulations dating back to 2020.

Dark window films on cars are prohibited in India due to safety concerns, impeding law enforcement visibility, compromising driver and public safety, hindering first responders during emergencies, and potentially aiding criminal activities. Adherence to these regulations is crucial for road safety and compliance with vehicle standards.

The introduction of E-challan and online fine payment systems aimed to modernize traffic enforcement, offering efficiency, transparency, and convenience. These systems notify offenders of violations via SMS or email, allowing individuals to promptly view, confirm, and pay fines online. However, the viral video showcases a blatant defiance of this system, with multiple fines accumulating on the same vehicle.

While the online fine payment system was designed for public convenience, some individuals are openly flouting it. Ignoring e-challans can lead to additional penalties, legal consequences, document renewal challenges, and even warrant issuance. Promptly addressing each challan, paying fines through designated portals, and retaining proof of payment is crucial to avoid complications.

In response to this, Pimpri Chinchwad Traffic DCP Bapu Bangar stated, “Everyone has the right to speech, but if this type of message is being surfaced, it is not good. Everyone should follow the rules. If any person is seen breaking the rules, we will continue to take action and fine them.”