Virat Kohli Starts Special Initiative For Stray Animals, Says Wife Anushka Sharma Is His Inspiration

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Nishat Aftabi

Mumbai, 5th April 2021: On the special occasion of World Animal Day (4 April), Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have done outstanding work for stray animals, which is being discussed a lot.

On this occasion, Kohli has started a special initiative for the care and welfare of animals. He has started a Foundation for animals naming it as Virat Kohli Foundation. Through this foundation, he will work for the care and welfare of stray animals. For this special initiative, Virat Kohli has described his wife and actress Anushka Sharma as the inspiration. He has opened two shelter homes for animals in Mumbai.

Through this institution, he will work for animals. This information has been given by Virat Kohli himself on social media. He wrote on his official Twitter account, “To ensure health & support to stray animals, @vkfofficial has now taken its first step towards animal welfare in collaboration with Vivaldis. I want to thank my wife

@AnushkaSharma  for inspiring me by her passion towards animals & for being a constant advocate for animal rights.”

Kohli said, “Taking care of the animals is very close to my heart because Anushka is very emotional on this issue. His vision of helping stray animals across India is truly inspiring to me and since I have met him, I have tried to understand the rights of animals and the urgent need for medical help for them.”

The cricketer added, “It is our dream to create a safe space for the stray animals of our city and I am happy to work with Vivaldi’s and Awaaz on this project and to create some facilities to help these animals Is working with people.”