Warm up to the Holiday season with Starbucks Christmas delights

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7th December 2017: It’s time to put up the Christmas tree! And this beverage is the perfect companion. The return of the indulgent beverage Starbucks® Red Hat Mocha is the perfect way to celebrate the magical season with your friends and loved ones. With its playfully crafted quintessential ‘Hat’ made with velvety whipped cream, a hint of strawberry drizzle and a dollop of chocolate whipped cream that completes the ‘Hat’, this beverage is a delightful treat to the eye. It is available in Hot, Iced and as Frappuccino® blended beverage.

The much loved holiday beverages will continue to be available in the stores all season long: from the warm and festive Starbucks® Vanilla Nougat Latte to the indulgent and funStarbucks® Toffee Nut Crunch Latte to the favourite that never fails to delight – Starbucks®Mocha Praline.

Caroling, shopping or looking at lights is even more joyful with food offerings that pair well with holiday flavors and good company: the Macaroni & Cheese – macaroni in cheese sauce tossed with crunchy vegetables and garnished with Cheddar cheese – and the Dutch Truffle Gâteau, our new eggless chocolate sponge cake layered with decadent chocolate truffle.

Make every sip more rewarding with exclusive collectibles for My Starbucks Rewardsämembers. Starbucks Planners 2018 by Moleskine®, Starbucks Tote Bag, and the limited edition Blazer Bearista Boy & Snowflake Dress Bearista Girl add an extra touch of warmth and merriment to your celebrations.

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