We will take efforts to conserve Bhimthadi breed of horses: Ranjeet Pawar

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Pune, Feb 29, 2020: “The Bhimthadi breed of horses that belong to Maharashtra and served in the Maratha Army earlier is facing extinction. Considering that, we at Indigenous Horse Owners Association (IHOA) will take concrete efforts to save and conserve these horses and bring them to the fore,” said Ranjeet Pawar, Founding Member of Indigenous Horse Owners Association, while speaking at the launch of the 5th edition of Marwari Horse Show today.

The show was organized by Maharashtra-based IHOA at the Pune Race Course, Camp. Ajay Nensee, President, IHOA and other members of the association including Harsh Lunia, Ranjeet Nagarkar, Keshav Joshi, Ashish Borawke, Vikas Boyatkar and Rahul Borade, Harnish Patel, Jayesh Pekhle and Harshwardhan Tawre were present at the show.

“The cavalry of the Maratha army consisted of a large number of Bhimthadi horses, which are now on the verge of extinction. Since these horses are of historical importance to the country and Maharashtra, we will do our best through the Association to protect this species and will try to present a section of Bhimthadi horses at the Marwari Horse Show next year,” said Pawar.

He added, “We want to request the state government to take steps to promote tourism at the historical sites in Maharashtra, where Indian breed horses can be used. It can generate newer options of employment.”

He also said that as the Mumbai Police force has started a mounted unit on horseback, the association is taking efforts so that the Pune Police can start a similar unit.

Keshav Joshi, said, “More than 100 horses from all over India are participating in the show, in which about Rs 13 lakh of total prize money will be distributed. This is the highest amount of prizes to be given as compared to indigenous breed Horse shows in India. The IHOA, which is established for the protection and conservation of horses of Indian breed has taken efforts towards the conservation of Marwari breed. At present, more than 90 horse breeders are contributing towards the conservation efforts of this species in Maharashtra and more than 300 Marwari horses are bred every year in the state. We want to restore these animals to there once important place in our tradition.”

Joshi said that, the rates for a Marwari horse start from Rs 50 thousand and goes upto Rs 1 crore but exporting horses from India is prohibited.

“However, if this ban is lifted, Marwari horses will be in good demand globally. We believe that compared to the famous Arabian horses, the Marwari horses can show better ability and endurance skills,” Joshi said.