What Happens If You Bring Your Phone to Vote? Pune Voters Beware!

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Pune, 13th May 2024: Voting has commenced in the Pune, Maval, and Shirur Lok Sabha constituencies within the Pune district. The prohibition on carrying mobile phones within 100 meters of the polling station is strictly enforced by the police, leading to disgruntled voters being turned away.

Previously, photos and videos from polling stations during Lok Sabha elections went viral on social media, showing voters capturing their voting process. This led to violations of Election Commission of India (ECI) rules. The police have imposed a strict ban on mobile phone use during today’s elections. Instructions to this effect are prominently displayed at polling station entrances, with a strong police presence enforcing compliance.

Voters attempting to enter with mobile phones are being redirected. However, the lack of facilities for storing phones beyond the 100-meter mark has led to controversy between the police administration and voters, resulting in many voters returning without casting their votes.

Some voters have their voter slips stored on their mobile phones after searching for their names online. Hence, they insist on carrying their phones inside. This has led to clashes between the police and voters in the Pune area.