Whatever I saw was not shown in the movies’: Nagaraj Manjule

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Pune, August 12, 2019: “It is said that what we watch in movies are the events happening in the society.But for me, whatever I saw was not shown in the movies. I wanted to reveal my feelings and emotions through my films, and I did the same. I just enjoyed telling stories,” said renowned
Director and Actor, Nagraj Manjule.

He wasspeaking in an interview with Ashutosh Parasnis during the Annual General Meeting of Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP) for the year 2019-20 held at Sheraton Grand on Friday.

Dignitaries including Ravi Sundaram, Founder, Mercuri Goldmann India, Sameer Soman, Former president of SEAP, Ashutosh Parasnis and Abhijeet Atre, Executive Committee Members, SEAP were present on the occasion.

“I have been interested in cinema since childhood as rather than school or college, I spent more time at a video parlor in my village watching movies,” said Manjule.He stressed on the fact that even though the actresses in the movies are generally categorized being fair and pretty, for him women are emotionally and mentally strong and not just beautiful. “We need to change the stereotypes while portraying women in films,” he said.

He said that since many of the things are being censored, the true message in a film does not reach the audience much to the dismay of the director. “Platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix directors an opportunity to show what we want. Through such networks, we’ll be able to create better cinema,”Manjule added.