What’s Pune doing during forced quarantine in lockdown?

What Pune people are doing in lockdown?
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, May 19, 2020: As more and more countries declare lockdown, most of the people are home quarantined and practising social distancing by not meeting colleagues, friends, relatives among others. When we hear the word  ‘quarantine’, and automatically we understand the long list of things we’re not allowed to do these days. But perhaps you should think of all the opportunities this slower lifestyle offers. Instead of sitting around worrying about Coronavirus or feeling lonely, use your downtime to learn new skills, pamper yourself, and reconnect with what makes you happy. Just remember: It’s called downtime for a reason.

We asked our readers how do they spend their time during quarantine- They told us everything, from painting murals to baking sessions.

Rijuta Kulkarni (21), who works as a Social Media Manager, residing at Pune University, saw an opportunity for improving her mental health. This has only happened because of quarantine and lockdown imposed by the government.”I go on a walk everyday solo, inside the campus, which is so spacious. I tend to overthink, but this lockdown has made me learn how to let things go. I feel I am grateful to those small things which were underappreciated. Apart from that, I’ve learnt how to cook and invest my time”, and “Yes, my sleep schedule and my screen usage have changed”, she appended.

Priyanka Golellu (26), who is a Scientist, residing in Aundh Road area, has gotten time finally out of her busy schedule. She is now able to invest her time in painting murals. “As much as I miss the laboratory experimenting and researching, in a long time, I’ve finally gotten time to spend with my family, I feel much closer to my siblings now, I invest my time in reading news and updates, researching about COVID-19 and painting. Yes, there are times when you are exhausted and annoyed. Still, in the end, it’s all good in the hood”, and “No I don’t watch any series or TV shows, but Yes, my Sleep schedule is affected, I’ve started sleeping pretty late”, she added.

Karina Rupani (21), a former model, invests her time in baking goods and playing games with her family. Work defines you as an individual.”I read, watch and cook, quarantine life is treating me well, but there are times when I feel I need to work and get back to my office. I’ve learnt to bake goods, but I am eagerly waiting for the lockdown to be over so that I can visit the beauty spa. Also, my mental health is all sound, and my sleep pattern isn’t affected, but my screen consumption has drastically increased”.

Rashid Khan (54), a businessman from Akurdi, has learnt how to wipe the floors and help his wife during this pandemic.”I am doing something I never did before I broom and mop floors with my wife, I help her in cooking during days. This has made us all so close, I didn’t know so much about my son. I am learning about his career choices as well. Yes, I sleep late, and my phone consumption has increased substantially”.

Lt.Col Vijay Mishra (46) has a new hobby now, which is badminton and spending time with his son.”An army officer is always busy and is never off duty. Still, now I’ve so much of free time to talk to my son and my wife. I’ve started to go for a run along with my son, and I have the time to finally play online games like Ludo, as well, said the Colonel.

11-years-old Sufiyan Qureshi from Vishrantwadi, spends his day doing the same things that adults do, which is binge-watching.”I have started sleeping late, at around 2 am. I watch videos on YouTube and watch the cartoon. I don’t have to worry about waking up, but I don’t get to go out and play. I miss playing cricket.No; I don’t miss school much”.

Akshay Golellu (21), an engineering student from Aundh, said, “My days are pretty hectic, with several hours of online classes. I have to study everything on my own. Yes, I miss college. Although, my college is several kilometres away from my home, running and interacting with teachers is something I miss horribly”.

Ultimately, Pune has been quite busy and occupied. People from all age groups have increased screen time, and the sleep pattern is changed. The behaviour, lifestyle has also changed right from eating habits to mental habits. It’s essential to stay in touch with our loved ones and spread positivity. As they say, “A positive thought can cure all the illness of a person”.