No Relaxation in Red Zones, Maharashtra offers 40,000 acres land for industries

Uddhav Thackeray
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Mumbai, May 19, 2020: Lockdown 4.0 has begun. However, many changes have been made in the fourth phase lockdown. Against this backdrop, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray addressed the people of the state yesterday. With the exception of the Red Zone, some industry businesses have been recognized in the Orange and Green Zones.

At present, 70,000 industries have been allowed and 50,000 industries have been started. 5 lakh workers are working. Maharashtra is ready to take a new leap in the industrial sector. As part of this, 40,000 acres of land has been reserved for the industry. Taking advantage of this, foreign entrepreneurs should come forward, start green industries, provide the necessary infrastructure for it, start industries in the state without any conditions, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced. On this occasion, the Chief Minister appealed to the sons of the soil to come forward and take advantage of the industrial opportunities to build Maharashtra.

Land on lease for industries
Explaining that we have two challenges ahead of us, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that we want to keep our green zone without corona. Under no circumstances should a single patient be allowed there. So converting the red zone into a green zone is also a challenge. If there is no money to buy land when starting a business in the green zone, then all kinds of infrastructure will be made available while leasing the land.

Success in stopping the spread of coronavirus due to lockdown
No one, not even the world, has the answer to how long the lockdown will last. While the lockdown has not succeeded in breaking the chain of the coronavirus, we have certainly succeeded in slowing it down. If this had not been taken care of, he would not have thought of how many disasters would have happened in Maharashtra and the country. Now it is said that the whole world will change after Corona. The disease is not like the common cold and cough, it is serious, it should be taken seriously.

Increase in health facilities
The Chief Minister said that there has been a huge increase in health facilities in Maharashtra including Mumbai. The Chief Minister also clarified that if the number of patients in Mumbai increases, there will be adequate arrangements. A large number of patients are being treated at Worli, Racecourse, Goregaon, BKC, MMRDA, CIDCO, Mulund, Dahisar-Mumbai Metro, Worli Dairy and for the first time ICU beds with oxygen have been constructed outside the hospital.

He also said that there are 1484 COVID Care Centers and 2 lakh 48 thousand 600 beds available in the state. In Mumbai, 19 thousand 567 patients are positive. 5,000 of them have recovered and gone home. Unfortunately, some people have died. The Chief Minister also clarified that if treated in time, patients can recover and go home.

Self-discipline will end lockdown sooner
The Chief Minister said that the more self-disciplined you are, the sooner the lockdown will end. The severity of the disease needs to be taken into account. The Chief Minister said that the situation was different from the manner in which the number of patients was feared in Maharashtra and the number had been reduced.

More than 5 lakh labourers left Maharashtra
The Chief Minister said that he has been demanding from the very beginning for a special train for the workers and let them go safely to their state. He further said that Maharashtra was not burdened by these workers but the workers had a strong desire to go home to their state. Respecting that wish, 5 lakh labourers have now returned to their state in a planned manner. Some labourers are still walking on the roads. Appealing to them, the Chief Minister said, “Stay where you are, arrangements will be made to send you to your state through the concerned District Collector. Bus and train service has started for you.”

Be patient, people of Konkan
The Chief Minister said that stranded citizens of Maharashtra, especially the people of Konkan, Western Maharashtra who are in Mumbai, who want to go home, do not put your family and village in trouble because of you. We want to protect the green zone. The Chief Minister appealed that the coronavirus should not be allowed to reach there.

Caution is now required when exiting
He said that people who are coming to Maharashtra from abroad, other states, are being segregated. Until now, he was saying stay at home, stay safe. But you also have to be careful when going out of the house slowly. Hygiene, self-discipline, the physical distance must be followed. Nose, eyes, face cannot be touched, this precaution will have to be taken. We want to make sure that the shops and businesses that you have started will not be closed down again.

There are questions like the current academic year, school admission, online school. But under no circumstances will the academic year be allowed to go to waste. We want to end the corona crisis before the monsoon season. Let us all work together to bring this crisis back to normal, to restore public life. It will take some more time to break the Corona chain and eradicate the virus, but we will definitely win this war, said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.