WhatsApp IP Address Leak: Urgent Privacy Feature Alert for Users

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Pune, April 25, 2024 – WhatsApp users are at risk of their location being exposed through calls due to IP address vulnerabilities, prompting the need to enable a crucial privacy feature immediately.

With the rise of digital communication, the revelation that scammers can exploit WhatsApp calls to obtain users’ IP addresses has sparked concern. WhatsApp acknowledges this threat and has introduced a protective feature to shield users’ IP addresses.

The risk extends beyond mere file-sharing, impacting users who utilize WhatsApp for calls as well. The pressing question arises: How secure are WhatsApp calls, and can IP addresses lead to location tracing during calls? Unfortunately, the answer is affirmative.

To address this privacy loophole, WhatsApp rolled out the “Protect IP Address in Calls” feature last November, aimed at safeguarding user privacy. By enabling this feature, users can prevent their IP addresses from being visible during calls, thereby mitigating the risk of location exposure.

The process to enable this feature is relatively straightforward:
1. Open WhatsApp.
2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
3. Tap on Settings.
4. Select Privacy.
5. Scroll down and choose Advanced.
6. Enable the toggle in front of Protect IP Address in Calls.

It’s essential to note that activating this feature may impact call quality, as WhatsApp cautions users about potential deterioration. Real-time experience will reveal any changes in call quality resulting from this feature.