WhatsApp’s New App Launched: Experience Shall Change Completely, Learn How to Install

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Friyana Munshi

Pune, January 4, 2021: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has launched its new application, which will be of use specifically for laptops and computers. Till now WhatsApp is only available to Android and IOS users, however, the company has made a separate application available for Mac and Windows PC. 

The user will now have easy to access WhatsApp on laptops and computers. This means the user will no longer have to search WhatsApp Web repeatedly in their search bars to operate WhatsApp on their laptops and computers. Users will be able to connect WhatsApp to their computers and laptops very easily.

How to Download:

1.) First search for WhatsApp Web page on the Internet.

2.) Here click on ‘WhatsApp Web and Desktop’

3.) After this a page should open, here click on ‘Download for Windows’ (64-BIT)

4.) After this, the WhatsApp Setup file of 164MB will be downloaded

5.) Click on this 164MB file to install the application.

6.) After this, the application will be ready for use on your laptop or computer

7.) The WhatsApp application can also be pinned to the toolbar if needed.

What are the Benefits?

With the introduction of a new application for laptop and PC, the user will be able to use WhatsApp quite easily. The user will be able to pin WhatsApp to the taskbar and from there be able to log in and log out. Also, updates of notifications will continue to be received. The user will be able to view WhatsApp status on the laptop. For the convenience of the user, new updates are constantly released by WhatsApp. Users have been demanding a separate application for laptops and computers for a long time, which the company has finally made available to satisfy its users.