Farmers Laws: Seventh Round Of Talks Between Government And Farmers End In Stalemate

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New Delhi, 4 January 2021: Seventh round of talks between the farmers and the central government ended today. Farmers who have been protesting against the central government’s three agricultural laws on various Delhi borders for more than a month remained firm on their demand for withdrawing the agricultural laws.

The government ministers said that they would once again talk to the farmers’ organizations. The next meeting between the two sides will be held on 8th January. Regarding the farmers’ demand to withdraw three agricultural laws, the government has said that they will form a joint committee to decide the required amendments to be made in these three laws.

According to sources, the farmers’ organizations have rejected this proposal and have expressed their dissatisfaction. They have restated that they will not go back until the three farm laws are withdrawn.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has asserted that he is hopeful that the next round of discussions will be conclusive. He further dismissed the suspicions about the distrust of farmers on the central government. He said the unions would not have agreed to another meeting if that was the case.

Six rounds of talks have been taken place between the Central Government and the Farmers Unions. Farm organizations have been adamant on their demand for the continued repeal of Parliament’s three agricultural laws in September. With the introduction of these laws, the government says that the middleman’s role will end, and farmers will sell their products anywhere in the country. On the other hand, the protesting peasant organizations say that these laws will eliminate the protection of MSP, and mandis will also be destroyed.