Who Will Rule Afghanistan – Taliban Or Afghan Govt?

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Afghanistan, 13th August 2021: The Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist organization, has got the biggest success so far between the withdrawal of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and US troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban on Friday captured Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, amid the ongoing brutal conflict in Afghanistan.

The Taliban claimed on Friday that they had captured another provincial capital, Kandahar, according to the AFP news agency. Now only the capital Kabul remains from him. Kandahar is the second-largest city in Afghanistan after Kabul.

Officials said Kandahar was captured by the Taliban on Thursday night and government officials and their team managed to escape the city by air. The hold of the Taliban in Afghanistan is gradually getting stronger. Now the next target of the Taliban will be Kabul, but now Kabul seems out of danger. In the same Kandahar, the Indian photojournalist Danish was killed by the Taliban in the past.

Afghan security forces and the government are not ready to comment on the ongoing fighting for several days. Kabul is not directly threatened by the rising Taliban, but the rising tension and conflict raise questions about how long the Afghan government will be able to keep the remaining areas under control. The government may be forced to retract its steps to save the capital and some other cities as thousands of people displaced by the fighting have fled to Kabul and are living in open spaces and gardens.

With the Taliban taking over much of Afghanistan, the White House said on Wednesday it was for the Afghan leadership to decide whether they had the political will to retaliate. It is being claimed that the Taliban have taken control of 60 per cent of Afghanistan. The Biden administration said Afghan national forces have the capability and weapons to retaliate against the Taliban. The US-trained the Afghan National Army for two decades.