Why is it important for visitors to sign in when visiting an Organisation?

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13 Jan 2020- If you regularly have visitors coming and going in your office then you need to have a visitor or guest book in which they can log their presence. One of the most widely used products in any office reception is the visitor sign-in book. A quality book gives a great first impression of your business and is convenient for storing on your front desk or reception area, ideal for easy access when visitors arrive.

It may not seem like a big deal, but such a thing can make a big difference to the efficiency of your business, as well as helping to improve safety. Unsure of what we mean? Here’s why visitor’s needs to sign-in when visiting an organisation:

Better Security

A visitor sign-in can help improve security at work. Keeping a log of everyone who should be in the building or your office can help you quickly identify if someone is there who shouldn’t be. This is more of an advantage in larger buildings where it’s not automatically obvious if someone is an employee or not.

Keeping the track of every visitor

Staying along side with the visitor database is important to mark frequent visitors. To avoid entry of the same user details every time and save time, visitor management keeps a database of past visitors. This helps creation of visitor pass quickly, as the security person is simply required to retrieve the visitor information from the past records, eliminating the need for reentering the data in the process.


When the visitor gets pre-registered, a notification in the form of SMS or email is sent to the visitor with necessary details. This ensures a quick check-in process when the visitor arrives at the security gate. A notification is also sent to the host when the visitor checks-in to the premises, allowing them to know about the visitor’s arrival.

Generate Visitor Reports

Another major benefit of having an automated visitor management system is that admin or security can generate various reports in different formats including Excel and CSV format. They can generate reports of visitor details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, pass validity and more.

Status of Visitors

To enhance visitor management security, the visitor dashboard shows the current status of all the visitors. It provides real-time data of visitors who are inside the premises, status of registered visitors,  pre-registered visitors, new visitors and more.


A visitor management system is ultimately important because it is changing the way in which organisations manage their visitors. The technology provides a lot of opportunities for increasing business efficiency and improving processes. If you’re evaluating how your organisation could profit from a visitor entry system, take a look at the different options