Wi-Fi on Central Railway at 224 stations

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26 AUG  2019, PUNE : Towards  Prime Minister’s Digital India Initiative, Ministry of Railways had proposed to provide Wi-Fi facility to rail users at 4791 railway stations across Indian Railways network. RailWire Wi-Fi at railway stations is quite popular and even though passengers have easy access to mobile internet, Wi-Fi is still a preferred choice of the rail users.


High speed Wi-Fi services at Railway stations are being provided by RailTel with high speed end to end network connectivity on Optical Fibre Cable (OFC).


Railway stations are the places where a cross section of the people congregate for their transportation needs. This initiative is part of bridging the digital divide & providing a highspeed access network to all rail users. This facility shall provide railway passengers to remain connected while waiting for the train at stations. They can also use this facility for streaming high resolution videos, do their office work online, etc.


Central Railway has so far provided free wi-fi facility 224 stations viz. Mumbai Division -42 stations; Bhusaval Division-27 stations; Nagpur Division-66 stations; Pune Division- 44 stations and Solapur Division-45 stations. The work of extending it to 159 more stations is in full swing.


Accessing Wi-Fi at stations


Wi-Fi will be available to any user who has a smartphone with working mobile connection for KYC considerations. To use the Wi-Fi the user has to switch on the Wi-Fi mode in the smartphone and select the RailWire Wi-Fi network. After the RailWire homepage network automatically appears on the smartphone, the user has to enter his or her mobile number on this homepage. The user will get one-time password (OTP) in form of SMS text message which has to be entered in the home page of RailWire. After entering OTP, users will be able to access high speed internet & can start internet browsing.