Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot

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2 Aug 2020 : Jackpots have always been around. And now, thanks to the digital revolution, people have access to any jackpots of their choice from the comfort of their home. More and more people are turning to online channels for gambling and playing casino games. Mattias Bergehed ENV Media also acquired the affiliate Indian website G2G, which can hint towards the expected growth of India’s online gambling market.

There are so many stories of people winning the jackpot and turning their lives around that it leaves us wondering if there is a secret to it? Out of everyone playing and gambling, what gave those select few an edge over others? Was it a bit of plain godsend luck? Or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

Keep reading for a few must-know tips that will surely give you an edge over the other players:

Buy more tickets

It is simple math, more tickets = more probability of hitting the jackpot. So pick a budget you are comfortable with spending and buy as many tickets as you can. This trick will increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Spend only enough so that winning the prize would still make sense.

Pool in your money with a syndicate

If you are not looking to spend much, but somehow still want to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, then this tip can be your savior. You can form a group yourself or join already established groups. There are various preformed syndicates available in an online casino. Syndicates give you a very bright chance of hitting the jackpot as the probability runs in your favor. Sure, the jackpot prize would be a shared one, but if it is a big jackpot, even a slice from it can change your life.

Understand the rules and odds before betting your money

Every jackpot has different rules and the distinct probability of anyone winning it. They are not all the same. In a similar manner, all the online casinos have different withdrawal limits and various rules and regulations. Research and pick a jackpot that has high odds of a payout. If you are playing the state lottery, then select the one that is not very famous but gives you great cash prices.

 Also, different states have different gambling laws, be updated with the rules of gambling in your state. You can read more about the gambling laws at

Only play with legal online casinos

You don’t want to bet your money win your jackpot only to realize that you can’t actually withdraw your prize. That is why it is essential to make sure that the online casino you are gambling your money with is a legal and legitimate online casino.

You will also be sharing your personal information with the casino, so it further becomes vital to ensure that the one that you picked is a secured website. One way to make sure is to check out for a lock sign in the website address. That sign indicates that the site is an end to end encrypted, and any information you share with the casino is in safe hands.

Don’t believe in rumors

Every outcome of a jackpot game is mutually exclusive to each other. So betting on numbers that were announced in a previous game will not have any dramatic win.

Trust your instincts when it comes to the jackpot and pick numbers that you think stand a chance to win. There are no tricks of any sort that can guarantee a win. It all depends upon your instincts.

Keep your budget in mind

Don’t get tempted to spend more than what you can actually afford. Set aside the amount limit you want to gamble on for that day and only use that much money while gambling. If you end up using that money, then make sure you stop.

Take a break

Sometimes if playing for a while has shown no gain, then it’s a smart idea to give it a break for a while and come back later to it. In the meanwhile, you can try your hands at different games. You can play card games or give sports betting a try. You can gamble at 10Cric. It is a legal website for people who love sports and gambling about the outcomes.


Remember to enjoy the experience and have patience. It may take a while, but with a little bit of consistency, we just might land the jackpot.