Woman shares Uber horror experience in Pune

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Vaishnav Wagh
Pune – Women security has been discussed since long time, but the situation still remains neutral all long way down. Every minute one or the other girl undergoes an abusive behavior by the creepy strangers.
Recently, a similar case from Pune arose where a girl named Ambika Sharma shared her bitter experience where the app based driver of Uber misbehaved.
She narrated her experience where, On may 7 she booked a cab from airport to Pashan with two boys. On her way, the driver the driver started communicating with her and she too got indulged in a friendly talk having no idea about what was going to happen or with what intension the driver was questioning her. After, reaching home , Ambika started getting messages on whatsapp. She was unware of the person who was texting her and the number seemed to be unfamiliar. The driver started messaging her and she replied for a while thinking that her cousin had left something back in the cab and driver is trying to return it. But communicating with him for while she could drew the curtains and actually get the intension what he was up with. The driver was actually trying to get connected with her saying her, “I miss u”,” maam aap kidhar ho..”. Getting to know the darkest shade of his sentences, She complaint on twitter where she got a call form Uber authority saying that they are extremely sorry for his offensive behavior and assured her that he will be suspended”. She took screenshots of some of their conversations and attached it on the social networking sites as a evidence about what she has gone through.
This is what is happening with the women and girls of Pune nowdays. Words like security and respect has been off tracked for them. Why they are ones to get accused, harassed and sexually assaulted every now and then. Break those bars and let them live their life freely….
Hope, authority gets gets activate on providing a better security , protecting their respect and dignity and preventing women from further offenses.
Will this incidence ever make women of Pune live a better life ahead without any fear??? OR Will it be safe for women travel over the globe??? The question still goes ahead on the same track without a solution.