Women keener than Men to adopt weight-loss diets

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Pune, October 26th, 2018: Over-weight not just leads to health disorders, but also drives men and women towards trauma experiences! Shedding weight can be inspiring but seeking quick-fix solutions to weight-loss can often turn disastrous and can even reverse to excessive weight-gain.

In a trend observed among the men and women of Pune over the past six months (April – September 2018) by DocOnline, India’s leading telemedicine and online doctor consultation services platform, more women resolve or practice weight-loss regimes than men. Outcome of a study among over 10,000 customers of DocOnline, exposed some interesting facts and statistics.

Women more vulnerable

In these changing times, excessive weight shows immediate negative effects on women, in comparison to men. From failing menstrual cycles to not being able to conceive, problems are many among women who gain excessive weight due to sedentary lifestyles and irregular/improper eating habits among them. Besides, women are reported to be 3 times more prone to obesity than men.

Women keen to shed weight

Interestingly, 60% of obese women are keen to adopt weight-loss measures, against just 30% men who fall in the over-weight category. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than one billion overweight adults globally, and at least 300 million of them are obese. As body-fat (20% and more) for men is less than that for women (30%), women are keener to shed body weight.

Internet, the monster

The growing influence of the Internet and availability of curated and non-curated content on the web is leading men and women to adopt sometimes unhealthy practices of weight-loss.

Commenting on the emerging trend, Dr. Latha, Consultant Physician, DocOnline said, “Slow weight loss is the healthy way to go! Not only is it easier to maintain but is also highly effective. Men and Women who take to weight-loss diets and exercises must realise that those who lose weight too fast, will only end up gaining it faster. One might want to shed the extra pounds through quick-fix dietary solutions; but this could be dangerous and not recommended at all.

Understanding Basic Physiological Gender Differences

As the male and female physiologies are different, a logical way to address the weight-loss discussion is to examine how the fat gets accumulated and utilized in each. According to a research by Today’s Dietician, the way males and females store and metabolize fat during rest and exercise are different. Women have a healthy range of body fat, ranging from 20% – 25% while men have a healthy range of body fat ranging from 10%-15%. Research showed that obesity (body mass index of ≥27.5 kg/m²) was higher in women (18.71%) than in men (8.67%).

Gout attacks & Energy loss

Crash diets leave the carbs out and add an excessive intake of protein in each meal. But, consumption of more proteins causes gout attacks; and could even result into developing unwanted complications like kidney stones. Another facet of such dietary habits is that it leads to loss of energy in a human body, and make the practicing individual all through the period, resulting to lower productivity.

With the above facts in place, women are clearly keener on leading a healthier lifestyle through weight-loss diets.