Women Scientists’ & Entrepreneurs’ Conclave: An inspiration for new science careers

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New Delhi, November 4, 2019: A chance to meet some of the top women leaders in science from India and abroad, grass root innovators awaits visitors at the Women Scientists’ and Entrepreneurs’ Conclave of the India International Science Festival (IISF) at Kolkata.

The third edition of women scientists’ conclave to be organized on November 7-8, 2019 at Biswa Bangla Convention Center is an effort to inspire young women to take up careers in Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship and help them get exposed to opportunities in the field. It celebrates women in science and also paves a way for more women to be part of a larger scientific community.

Apart from sessions like ‘Stellar Women In Global Science’, ‘Women In STEMM: Opportunities and Challenges for New India’, that were witnessed in the previous years of the conclave, this year has brought together three new sessions; Women leaders and achievers in science, technology and innovation for risen India, Women in Science, technology and innovation—an international perspective and a session for grassroot women.  The Women leaders and achievers in science, technology and innovation for risen India session seeks to promote women in higher research careers in science and technology. The main attraction of the session is that it will be attended by women vice chancellors of various universities, school principals and several academicians. This will give a larger perspective to how women’s education has improved over the years. It will also help a renewed understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by women in pursuing science based careers. To retain and regain women in science there are various government schemes which will be discussed in this. Interested students and researchers can learn about these opportunities so that they can access them.

The Women in Science, technology and innovation; international perspective will give an outlook about how Indian women are contributing to global science and about the position of women in science technology development in other South Asian countries. This session will be attended by Dr Archana Sharma, an Indian woman scientist who was part of Higg’s Boson discovery team and Dr Shweta Vijay Shankaran, a leading international researcher in Biosciences.

The conclave will have one session on grassroot women in catalyzing sustainable development for new India. This session will feature women who are working in the fields at grass root level in seed conservation, water conservation, agricultural, health, sanitation and energy sectors.

The development of women and children has been at the forefront of policy making of Government of India for the last few decades.The conclave aims to develop scientific temper among enthusiastic students uplifting science in India to its highest rank. It deliberates on issues which encourage science education and entrepreneurship among young women scientists and researchers to motivate them in pursuing science, technology and innovation towards sustainable growth. The conclave discusses the challenges and brings out the opportunities for women in playing the lead role in science, technology and innovation. In addition, women scientists would find this conclave an encouraging platform to excel in their career through proper interaction with potential women leaders & mentors. The conclave will come out with recommendations on how women can increase their footprints in science, technology and innovation (STI) for building New India.

The main objective of this conclave is to provide a platform for young women scientists to interact with the women leaders in science and technology towards risen India. This is an effort to acknowledge the contribution of women in catalyzing sustainable growth. It will also give an opportunity to learn from experiences of successful women entrepreneurs, connect to mentors and to learn the ropes for taking up startups and entrepreneurship. This event will also encourage and inspire girl students in pursuing science as a career by showcasing opportunities in science, technology and innovation.