Working More Than 55 Hours In A Week Can Cause Strokes And Attacks, Research Claims

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New Delhi, 18th May 2021: The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Labor organization conducted joint research which showed that in 2016, 7 lakh 45 thousand deaths were caused by stroke and ischemic heart disease due to working late. This figure was 29 percent higher than the number of deaths in the year 2000. This is the first time such a study has been done.

Similar studies were conducted in 194 countries. According to this, those who work more than 55 hours in a week have a 35% higher risk of stroke and 17% higher risk of developing ischemic heart disease. According to the report, the research took place between the years 2000 and 2016, so it does not include corona epidemic figures, but the situation has worsened due to the deterioration of work from home culture and economic conditions due to corona. As a result, 9% of those who do such work have to work long hours.

According to the WHO report, most of the long-term workers were from South-East Asia and the Western Pacific Region. In which China, Japan and Australia were most affected.