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Pune : Online and Offline sexual exploitation and abuse of children is the most dark reality of modern life which is not getting acknowledged by society in India for various reasons. It could be lack of information and awareness, taboo of the subject in general or is merely brushed under the carpet as it is an uncomfortable truth to face.

What is Online Abuse :

  • Distributing abusive images of children
  • Grooming a child for later abuse through teen chat rooms, bulletin boards, and online communities where the abuser befriends the child to gain his trust
  • Prostituting a child for later abuse by a perpetrator or other abusers
  • Engaging children in cyber sex scenario, luring them into sexual conversation
  • Bullying and harassing children online

Every child having access to a smart phone or laptop and social media is a potential victim of online sexual abuse. Perpetrators defy age and geographical borders and have unregulated access possible for any child in any corner of the world.

As use of internet spreads widely and has reached almost every household , it is now imperative for Parents, Teachers, School Authorities, Police , NGOs and Other care givers to understand this menace of online child sexual exploitation that is silently having devastating effect on our children. The child sex offender could be already in your   home, just a click away, no matter wherever   you are living on this globe.

 What is Rotary doing for this :

RID 3131 has organized a one day workshop on Safeguarding Children from Online sexual Abuse at Pune. The program is designed for teachers, parents, counsellors and law enforcement personnel to help them to empower children and young people in India to better protect themselves from a number of risks in both online and offline, including sexual exploitation and abuse, improve our partnerships with Indian law enforcement and make India a more hostile place for child sex offenders.

For more detailed information on Keeping Children Safe Online please attend the one day awareness program organized by Rotary District 3131 . Delivered by experts from the field of law , technology , law enforcement and child protection agencies, the Program is meant for Teachers , Parents , lawyers , police officers , school counselors, care givers and all those having access to children.

Date : 16thJuly 2016
Time : 8:30 to 5:00 pm

Venue : Dewang Mehta Auditorium , “Bhageerath” , Persistent Systems Ltd., Off SenapatiBapatRoad , Pune

For Registrations contact ;
Rtn Vrunda Walimbe +91 9822558972
Rtn. Dr Shefali Agarwal +91 9552558112
Rtn Maithili Manakawad +91 9890214896
Landline – 020 25511816

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