Workshop on Contact Lenses held at H.V. Desai Eye Hospital

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Pune 25 February 2020: Poona Blind Men’s Association’s H.V. Desai Eye Hospital, College of Optometry organized a workshop on Rose K Specialty Contact Lens and management of irregular cornea for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists on 19th February 2020.

Dr. V. W. Tilak, HOD, Research department H.V Desai Eye Hospital welcomed the gathering. The workshop was inaugurated at the hands of Rajesh Shah, President H.V Desai Eye Hospital, Pune, Col. Dr. Madan Deshpande, Chief Medical Director, Parvez Bilimoria, Chief Executive Director, Dr. Kalyani Principal, and Mahadev Shegunshi Vice-principal were also present on the occasion.


Mr. Rajesh Shah, President of PBMA’s H.V Desai eye hospital felicitated Dr. Paul Rose in the Traditional way on this occasion. About 160 participants from different parts of the country attended the workshop. The major attraction of the workshop was well known expert Dr. Paul Rose, who is the inventor of the world’s most frequently prescribed gas permeable contact lens for keratoconus those are Rose K contact lenses. He explained various designs and manufacturing technologies used in the Rose K contact lens. He shared his experiences regarding his research on the Mini Scleral Lenses.


Optometrist, Mahadev Shegunashi and Optometrist, Binal Chheda, Co-educator of Rose K contact lens led the live demonstration of Contact lenses fitting session and dispensed in four patients with different corneal conditions under the guidance of Dr.Paul Rose.


Optometrist, Jyoti Dave, Rose K advisor, Dr. Shilpa Joshi, HOD Cornea department, Dr.Mukesh Paryanai, HOD, refractive surgery department, and, who are experts in this field were the other speakers present. Optometrist, Jyothi Dave introduced different contact lens solutions used for the care and maintenance of Rose k lenses.