World’s best laboratory is present in Indore – Pious

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Driven by the young, talented and devoted professional, PIOUS Loboratory is unique and one of its kind in the field of Laboratory which provide testing & training to all the industries & academic institutions. Company’s operational headquarter is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh of India. Laboratory has It’sinfrastructure in 11,000Sqft campus with all the advance instruments like GC-MS, HPLC, AAS, IR, Ion Chromatograph & microbiology Section with all the Instrument connected to one server as per US – FDA guideline. Lab is aggregated from NABL & FDA for analysis of food and pharma material.

Moreover, company provides training toeducational institutes, researchers & R&D facility, product developments & validation on different instruments.Industrial Training to individual are also provided on Analytical Instrument from Industry expert.

Apart from serving pharmacy industries, company is moving towards testing of food ingredients and water samples. By understanding the time of need, company is going to conduct food and water analysis. Nowadays impurities of water is becoming a big cause of major diseases like typhoid, diarrhea etc. On the other side food poisoning is also increasing day by day due to spoiled ingredients added in the eatables. As a result “panipuri” is banned recently in Varodara, a popular city of Gujrat.

Mr. Amay Mahajan, Director PIOUS added, ”PIOUS, works in varied field of operation ranging from chemical, pesticides, pharmaceutical,herbal, soil, environmental , inspection industries and many more. But recently we are more focusing on food and water sample testing and analysis to detect water hardness, gaseous contents and etc. Drinking outside water and consuming food items which are full of impurities could be a question and risk to our health. Therefore to ensure healthy life, only medical testing is not enough, even food and water testing is equally important. So as per current requirement by WHO and FSSAI we can analyses 64 parameter in water by best technique& in Food testing we can analyses all the nutritional, adulterants, microbiological contaminates & metals.”

In spite of using RO and water purifier at home, water analysis is very important as its impurities give birth to many kinds of disease spreading insects therefore a minute analysis and testing is required. As well as food testing is necessary to get rid of other diseases like typhoid, dehydration etc. In Addition rainy season is pleasing but it also brings lot of risk, as still water is a birth place for mosquitoes and flies are commonly found everywhere which could spread diseases.