Yard Remodeling Of Pune Railway Station To Start During Diwali

pune railway station
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Pune, 7th May 2023: The work of yard remodeling of the Pune railway station has been discussed for the past several years. Preparations were underway to start this work in the summer. Now the time during Diwali has been fixed for this, and this work will be completed in 107 days, informed sources in the railways. Meanwhile, railway passengers are likely to suffer due to the same during Diwali.


Since this project is big, it has to be planned from micro level. For this, the Pune Division of Railways has informed the Railway Board that the work should be started after monsoon.


Due to the yard remodeling project, the train service at Pune railway station will be disrupted. At present, the daily number of trains departing and arriving from the station is 150. Half of these trains cover long distances. These trains cannot be diverted to other stations, as no nearby station has the capacity. Sources informed that these trains will continue from Pune railway station only.


Local, intercity and short distance trains will be diverted at Hadapsar, Shivajinagar and Khadki stations. Therefore, during the railway remodeling, passengers will have to travel from Hadapsar, Shivajinagar and Khadki stations instead of Pune station. This will cause inconvenience to passengers travelling by train in cities near Pune.


The yard remodeling work of Pune Railway Station was announced in 2018. The project was announced to increase the number of long-distance trains at the station. The length of the platforms will be increased to boost the number of long distance trains.


In this regard, the Pune Division of Railways had sent a proposal to the Central Railway Board. Later, due to the Corona pandemic, a decision could not be taken on this proposal. Finally, after five years, the said project will be implemented.