Pune: Water Line Leakage At Leak Distance of 60 Km Found; PMC To Take Action

Pune: Water Line Leakage At Leak Distance of 60 Km Found; PMC To Take Action
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Pune, 7th May 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is now prepared to prevent leakage in the main water channels (transmission lines) laid in the last 50 years for water supply in the city. There are about 250 km of such main water channels in the city. The primary information has come to light that there is a leak in the water line at a distance of 60 km. This is wasting thousands of liters of water every day.


The Municipal Corporation will investigate the exact location of the leak in the water channels. This is the first time that a water leak is being detected, and if found, lakhs of liters of water will be available for the city.


As much as 35 per cent of the total water supply in the city is wasted in leakages. Although it is not possible to stop these leakages completely, this work has been undertaken to reduce the leakage rate to 10 to 15 per cent.


An Equal Water Supply Scheme is being implemented in the city. 141 zones of the city have been created under this. A separate water channel will supply water to each zone and this water will be metered. Therefore, to prevent leakage, the Municipal Corporation has installed a flow meter for the water released from the water center to the main water channel, and another flow meter has been installed on the main water channel where there is a separate water channel for the zone.


As a result, it is immediately noticeable how much water is released in the main channel and how much reaches the actual zone. So far, a significant difference has been found between the water released from the water center and the water moved in the old water channel of about 60 km. Therefore, this water channel is going to be inspected.


A helium gas and sound ‘sensor’ will be used to detect the leak. Through a similar system, the Municipal Corporation inspected the main water channel from the Vadgaon water treatment center to Taljai Hill, and leakage has been found at 13 places. Since the cost of finding this leak is Rs one lakh per kilometer, a tender of Rs 60 lakhs will be sanctioned in the first phase.