Yeolewadi’s Pyramid Aashiyana Society Faces Water Supply Challenges As Pune Municipal Corporation Remains Unresponsive

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Yeolewadi, 27th January 2024: Residents of Pyramid Aashiyana Society in Yeolewadi find themselves grappling with a severe water crisis as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) fails to provide them with the essential resource. Exclusively reliant on private water tankers, the residents voice their frustrations over the recurring issue.

A resident of Pyramid Aashiyana expressed, “Our society receives no water supply whatsoever from the PMC. Even water tankers are not provided by them. Consequently, we are compelled to rely entirely on private water tankers, incurring additional expenses every month. Despite filing complaints with the PMC, no resolution has been forthcoming.”

Another resident lamented the persistent situation, stating, “To fulfill our daily water needs, we are forced to procure private tankers. Since the inception, there has been no water supply from the PMC. With no alternative water source available, we end up paying Rs 1,200 to 1,500 per flat monthly for contributions towards private tankers. While we dutifully pay our property taxes, the PMC remains unresponsive to our pleas.”

In response to the mounting grievances, Nitin Khude, PMC’s 24×7 Water Supply Official, assured, “We will promptly visit the site, thoroughly inspect the issue, and take necessary actions to address the water supply concerns faced by the residents.”