Housing Society Residents Rally Against PCMC’s Private Consultant Move for STP Oversight in Pimpri-Chinchwad

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Chikhali, 27th January 2024: In a growing dispute over the operational status of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in housing societies across Pimpri-Chinchwad, the Chikhali-Moshi-Charholi-Pimpri-Chinchwad Society Federation has raised objections to the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation’s (PCMC) decision to hire a private consultant for STP implementation and monitoring.

The PCMC administration recently mandated housing societies to maintain operational STPs for environmental conservation, water savings, and public health. However, the Chikhali-Moshi-Charholi-Pimpri-Chinchwad Society Federation claims that some societies have non-functional STPs. Expressing concern, the federation has stated PCMC Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh opposing the appointment of a private consultant for this crucial task.

The federation questions the need for appointing a private consultant, asserting that the PCMC administration, funded by taxpayers, should welcome the use of consultants for important projects. However, the focus of their concern lies in the transparency of PCMC’s administration, particularly regarding the operational status of STPs in housing societies.

The PCMC administration had previously inspected wastewater treatment plants in 331 major institutions, with ongoing projects in 284 and 47 institutions reporting STP closures. Despite these findings, the federation is apprehensive about the administration’s decision to hire a private consultant for the same task. They argue that the existing staff in PCMC’s Environment Department and related offices are already engaged in STP monitoring, rendering the appointment of a private consultancy redundant.

Sanjivan Sangale, President of the Chikhali-Moshi-Charholi-Pimpri Chinchwad Housing Society Federation, issued a warning to the PCMC administration. Sangale urged the cancellation of the ongoing tender process for the STP work, emphasizing that the current staff could handle the responsibilities effectively. He cautioned that if appropriate action is not taken, society owners would escalate their protest through a large-scale agitation involving all stakeholders.

Sangale criticized the commissioner and administrator of PCMC, Shekhar Singh, accusing them of being lenient towards consultants and urging them to refrain from unnecessary spending on private consultants. He vehemently opposed hiring consultants from private organizations for STP-related matters and threatened widespread agitation if such an appointment proceeded. The Federation stands firm in its demand for transparency and efficient use of taxpayer funds in addressing concerns related to STP operations in housing societies.