Yerwada: Ray of Joy Foundation Adopts Two Public Toilets in Nagpur Chawl

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Pune, October 26, 2020: The city-based NGO Ray of Joy Foundation has adopted two public toilets in Nagpur Chawl of Yerwada till March 2022.

Shion Shitole, Programs Consultant of Ray of Joy Foundation, informed, “We have adopted the toilets of Nagpur Chawl of Yerwada till March 2022 and the duration can be extended depending upon the work that we have done.”

He further added, “We have installed soap and sanitizer dispensers in each of these toilets. Earlier the toilets did not have soap or sanitizer facilities and hence there was a high risk of multiple users touching the same area without washing their hands. These dispensers will help maintain hygiene and stop the spread of Covid 19 pandemic.”

The foundation decided to adopt these toilets to improve the sanitation facilities in the toilets and also a help to fight against Covid-19 pandemic.