Yoga provides mental and physical energy- Pankaja Munde

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Mumbai, June 21:- Yoga is a type of energy. Various types of yoga provide mental and physical health and also makes one feel good. Yoga enhances the mind power and improves the intellectual level. It helps one in keeping emotions stable and also assists in creating high-level concentration asserted rural development, women and child development Minister Pankaja Munde here today.

She was talking to media after participating in the Inteenational Yoga Day program at the Observation Home with the girls.

Mrs Munde furher said that the entire world celebrates 21st June as International yoga day. She said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the international yoga day. She also said that yoga is a part of Indian traditional since thousands of years. She said that performing of yoga regularly help in making your body healthy and mind peaceful.

The minister also said that if yoga is started right since the childhood, it can be more beneficial and this is the reason why she came to celebrate the international yoga day with children in Observation Home.