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Mumbai, January 30, 2018 : The ongoing Mumbai International Film Festival is a rightful platform for young and experimental film makers who dare to touch some bold subjects and untouched social issues. The budding director duo Harshal Wadkar and Vinod Kamble , have chosen some unusual path while making short films, respectively “Conversation” and “Post Mortem” which were screened during the MIFF2018 in National Competition section.

Harshad Wadkar’s film ‘Conversation’ is a story of a young girl who walks into a local lodge of the busy city to experience her first lovemaking moment with her boyfriend. As their conversation begins, disturbing secrets of her life begin to unfold. While sharing his idea about the film during press meet, Harshal said that many times we do not share our inner thoughts even with closed ones. We live in busy cities crowed with people around but rarely found soul mate to share our intimate thoughts, fantasies . Every day we deal with a situation like ‘Her Taraf Her Jagah Beshumar Addami , Phir Bhi Tanhaiyon ka Shikar Aadmi ….’ Harshal, in his film has tried to break this ice of taboo, social norms and so called sanskars. He has chosen to shoot the film in black n white considering more powerful medium to express suppressed thoughts of a confused woman played by Pragalbha Kolekar . This is Harshal’s second film which got selected in MIFF. His previous short film “Cycle” had also shortlisted in Competition Section at MIFF in 2016.

VInod Kamble’s film ‘Post Mortem’ is a story of 14 year old boy Gopi who belong to a manual scavenging family, He lost his father and responsibility of the entire family is upon him. In order to support his family Gopi is forced to drop his education and help his mother in manual scavenging jobs. Earlier in school he had won a Handwriting competition which was organised on the occasion of Republic Day. The situation leaves in a dilemma between Work and Education.

The special thing about this film is entire film has been shot on real locations. Be it a post mortem chamber in hospital, manual scavenging sites or any other places where common people will hardly go, the actors and crew worked for hours. The idea behind choosing real locations was to acquaint audience with difficult life and work of sweepers in reality, shares director Vinod kamble. The film is somewhat similar to the life of director. Actor Vaishali Kendle who prefers projects dealing with socially connected issues, has played lead role in the movie.

Cinema has a great impact on people and it plays an important role in society. Harshal and Vinod both strongly believe in this thought and hence chosen such different subjects. This indeed an inspiration for budding directors want to tell their own stories in their own way.