Young German Architects display sensitive architectural solutions

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Exhibition at India House by Young German Architects

An exhibition is being conducted at India House, Baner road in collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan from 12 March 2016 to 27 March 2016. Max Mueller Bhavan is the cultural Institute representing German and European culture. Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations(ifa), Sttutgart in cooperation with the Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK), Berlin are the organizers for this exhibition.

The event of exhibition was inaugurated with some enlightening words by Heidi Wetz Kubach, Director Max Mueller Bhavan and Christopher Beninger, Director India House.

The exhibition presents fourteen projects by young architects from Germany that have been completed abroad mainly since 2004. To name a few were Landscape Park and Museum Gardens, Hangzhou, China (2004-2008), Urban Developments Concepts, Transylvania, Romania (2007/2008), Wall House, Santiago de Chile, Chile (2006/2007), Peng House, Taichung, Taiwan (2003-2005), The Cotton House, Manchester, Great Britain (2003/2004), German, British and French Embassies, Astana, Kazakhstan (2004-2008) and some other places like Louisiana, Switzerland, Austria, Pennsylvania, Spain and The Netherlands.

The representation of architectural models by the Young German Architects; young as in below 45 unlike India; as in Germany that is the actual age when the architects start realizing their projects and developing new projects. The selected examples are from construction, interior design, urban design and landscape architecture illustrate the broad range of skills. They show how young architects approach working in new and foreign environments, how they redefine and add to existing buildings, and how they create new ones under unusual conditions and also using the easy cost effective components to renovate the city. These architects come up with sensitive solutions for challenges in architecture today, always with an eye on the future, sustainability, and new technologies. Contrary to today’s global media interest in the spectacular and the star, this exhibition presents innovative architectural projects that confidently and quietly take a pragmatic approach, concentrating entirely on the locations for which they were created.