Young girl gives her Police Sub Inspector father a new lease of life by donating liver

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Mumbai, 16th December 2021: A 22-year-old, Priyanka Sail donated part of her liver to save her father’s life. Mr. Dilip Sail works as PSI, for Mumbai Police (Malad Police Station) who underwent a liver transplant at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. He made a full recovery and soon was promoted as Police Sub Inspector within a few months of the transplant

Today, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai hosted a press conference to discuss his heart touching case study and the new developments in liver transplants surgeries and post transplants lives of patients present in the event.

The hospital has performed over 150 liver transplants in western India and has been recognised as the centre of excellence in paediatric liver transplants with very high success rates. The experts discussed some remarkable cases of the liver transplants in the pre and post COVID era and new the advancements in the surgeries. The long term survival of patients has become evident since the last few years and is yet to improve exponentially.

Dr. Vikram Raut, Consultant, HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, said: It is heartening to see people undergoing liver transplants and leaving like a normal person. We have seen many such cases where patients with very less chance of surviving underwent transplants and went back to their normal lives and thrived. We have with us Mr Dilip Salil who is a police officer and underwent liver transplant here at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. After successful surgery, he went back to his normal life and even got promoted in the subsequent months. We have another child pediatric liver transplant recipient who fought through her challenges and gone back to school. She is leading a healthy life now.”

Liver Transplant Survivor, Mr. Dilip Sail, Police Sub Inspector, Malad Police Station, said, “I was suffering from chronic liver disease. Unfortunately, I was also diagnosed with Hepatitis B and COVID 19. When Dr Vikram Raut suggested a liver transplant, my brave daughter came forward and donated a part of her liver and saved my life. I just don’t have my normal life back, but I was also promoted within a few months. Dr Vikram Raut has given me a second chance at life.”

Dr Amey Sonavane, Consultant, Hepatologist at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai said, “The number of patients waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant far exceeds the number of available donor organs, and the need for organ transplants is increasing. Living donor liver transplantation is safe. COVID has thrown major challenges in the field of transplantation and our hospital has successfully conquered them. We have performed a large number of liver transplants in the COVID period with very good

outcomes. The first successful pediatric and adult liver transplants in India were performed at Apollo Hospitals in November 1998. With over 90% success rates for multiple transplants in India, Apollo Hospitals organ transplant centre is a beacon of quality and hope for patients not just from India, but from across the world.”

Mr Santosh Marathe, COO & Unit Head, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai also said “ The Apollo Hospitals Group is at the forefront in laying down the benchmark for accessible and affordable world-class healthcare in India with the best of experienced doctors supported by an infrastructure that consists of the latest and most advanced medical technology available. The Apollo Hospitals’ organ transplant team is staffed with some of the finest and experienced transplant surgeons in the country. Patients can avail treatment options and outcomes that are par with the best available in the world.  Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai has been undertaking key Liver transplants clinics in peripheral areas of Maharashtra including South Mumbai, Aurangabad, Pune and Nasik.”