Youngest at PMC Elections is from St. Mira’s College for Girls

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St. Mira’s College student Prachi Alahat who passed out last year is the youngest candidate to win the elections! 

“I can’t put in words the big impact the college and Dada have had on me,” as she came to meet Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani at Sadhu Vaswani Mission after her win in the PMC elections (Pune Municipal Corporation). “See that you work in and for the interest of the people,” was Dada’s blessing to her.        
“She was one of our meritorious students, very sincere, with full attendance and hardworking,” beamed the Principal Dr. Gulshan Gidvani. The Mission’s college – St. Mira’s College for Girls – strives to bring up women leaders, with the prophetic vision of the founder Sadhu Vaswani, ‘The woman soul shall lead us upward on.’

Prachi is only 21 years!

Women leaders pictured with Dada include – in the forefront – Prachi with the Principal Dr. Gulshan Gidvani at the back and in the center is Sister Krishna Kumari (Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission); flanked with Dr. Sripriya (Principal, Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing) & Top Student of the College of Nursing on the extreme right.