Youth Congress Takes to the Streets in Pune, Demands SIT Probe into Talathi Recruitment Scam

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Shivajinagar, 11th January 2024: The Youth Congress in Pune has taken to the streets, staging a protest at the square in front of Balgandharva auditorium. The primary demands of the protest include a thorough investigation into the Talathi recruitment scam by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) and an increase in the number of seats in the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examination for the year 2024 across all cadres.

The Talathi recruitment scam has been a matter of contention, and the protesters are resolute in their call for a comprehensive investigation by a specialized team to ensure transparency and accountability.

Furthermore, the demand for an increment in the number of seats in the MPSC 2024 examination across various cadres reflects the youth’s aspiration for increased opportunities in public service. The protest aims to draw attention to the need for an inclusive and accessible avenue for young minds to contribute to the state’s administration.

As the demonstration unfolds, slogans resonate in the air, echoing the discontent and grievances of the Youth Congress members. Slogans are raised not only against the state government but also directed at the central government, indicating a broader frustration with the perceived lack of responsiveness to these pressing issues.