Youth From Maharashtra Among Those Arrested For Security Breach At Parliament

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New Delhi, 13th December 2023: Delhi Police has made significant progress in the investigation into the security lapse at Parliament, arresting six individuals involved in raising slogans and creating a ruckus.

The accused, including Amol, Neelam, Manoranjan, and Sagar, along with Lalit Jha, were connected through Facebook and Instagram. They shared common concerns about unemployment and inflation, leading to the formation of a WhatsApp group for discussions. A thorough investigation by central security agencies is underway to uncover any conspiracy.

Details of the Accused:
1. Amol (arrested)
2. Neelam (arrested)
3. Manoranjan (arrested)
4. Sagar (arrested)
5. Vicky Sharma (arrested)
6. Vrinda (Vicky’s wife, arrested)
7. Lalit Jha (absconding)

The accused, connected through social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, had created a WhatsApp group to discuss issues related to inflation and unemployment. While some members shared common friends, their involvement in the conspiracy to disrupt Parliament remains under investigation.

Arrested Individuals’ Backgrounds:
– Vicky Sharma hails from Gurugram, where he accommodated the other four accused. His Wife is Vrinda.
– Amol, a resident of Latur (Maharashtra), was attempting to join the Indian Army.
– Lalit Jha, the seventh accused, is currently absconding.
– Sagar, a resident of Alambagh (Lucknow), was driving a battery rickshaw.
– Manoranjan, from Mysore (Karnataka), was pursuing a B.Tech degree.
– Neelam, is an unemployed individual with a strong history of participation in protests.

Sequence of Events:
– Neelam and Amol were caught near Transport Bhawan, firing colour smoke crackers and shouting slogans.
– Sagar and Manoranjan, carrying visitor passes in the name of BJP’s Mysore MP Pratap Simha, entered Parliament House and were apprehended after jumping from the audience gallery.
– Lalit Jha, present during the incident, managed to escape and uploaded a video on Instagram.

A case has been registered against the accused under relevant sections. The investigation aims to identify any further individuals involved in the conspiracy to breach security at Parliament.