Zionist Israel is the root cause of World Terror

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Shia and Sunni muslims from Pune come on one platform condemning Israeli genocide.

In an unusual display of brotherhood, the Shia and Sunni Muslims of Pune staged a massive protest march against Israel demanding an end to illegal occupation of Palestine on Friday afternoon. The city muslims under the banner of Al-Quds Committee staged a demonstration against Israel and United States outside Pune Divisional Commissionerate after Friday prayers. The protest was also backed by All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) whose key office bearers made it a point to attend the protest march and expressed their full support for the cause of Palestinians. Placard depicting quotes like ‘ Gaza will not accept humiliation ‘ , ‘ Quds is the day to give life to Islam , ‘ Quds is ours ‘ etc were carried by agitated youths, burqa clad women and small children who also raised slogans related to brutal killings of innocent children by Israeli army.

Maulana Aslam Rizvi , a cleric from Camp based Imambara in a scathing attack on Israel pointed out that the country was slowly drifting into the orbit of Israel. He said that the nation needs to be careful of the machination of the terrorist state of Israel and its principal sponsor United States of America, both of whom according to him were the chief promoters of world terrorism.Rizvi warned that the government should be careful while dealing with the state of Israel citing its inhuman track record of killings and terrorism.

Noted Shia Cleric Maulana Syed Kumail Asghar said that the muslim world will never bend before the terrorist states like Israel and USA. ” The Arab monarchs have so ld themselves to the capitalists and are in position to oppose the wrongs being done to the innocent muslims. However, he said that the muslims were aware about the true enemy and fight shoulder to shoulder against oppression being unleashed on poor Palestinians, ” he added.

AIMIM Western Maharashtra President Anjum Inamdar said that brahminism was the root cause of terror in India and demanded prosecution of upper caste terrorists arrested in connection with a series of bomb blasts in the country. He alleged ” Indian brahmins are blood brothers of Israeli jews and should also be brought under the surveillance of police and media. World reknowned genetic scientist Michael Bamshad who carried out a research on genes of Indian brahmins found that their genes are of foreign origin and matched with the Israelis. It means that the brahmins are foreigners in India and being in positions of superior importance in the country were cleverly blaming muslims as terrorists. Brahminist terror is a part of Israeli terror machine and needs to be investigated at all levels, ” Inamdar demanded.

Amongst the others present included Maulana Shabeen Kazmi, MIM City Unit President Sarfaraz Shaikh, Rafique Kagzi, Naushad Shaikh, Mansoor Khan, Khisal Jafri, Khadim Hasan, Baquer Sayyad, Ali Riza Jafri, Abid Riza Sayyed and Nazar Sayyed.

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