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Pune, 16 October 2023: A recent Pune-based research has found that 1 in 5 persons of the city’s residents have lifestyle conditions such as high cholesterol and obesity. Moreover, 1 in 5 women of reproductive age have been found to suffer from polycystic ovarian disorder. These health conditions are the leading causes of infertility in the city that can be controlled with early diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to PCOD, high cholesterol and obesity, the research has also revealed rising trend in anaemia and thyroid diseases in 30 per cent females between ages 18 and 45 years. The research was performed at the city-based Indira IVF hospitals that has treated 26,000 cases in the city over a time span of 10 years. With these alarming statistics, the Indira IVF Pune has integrated a new diagnostics centre in the city, ‘Indira PathLabs’, that focusses on the diagnostic needs of mother and child to address conditions affecting women’s health and that of their future child.

Speaking about these concerning figures, Dr Amol Lunkad of Indira IVF Pune said, “Our findings strongly suggest that there is an on-going healthcare crisis in Pune and the increase in the number of lifestyle diseases is a serious public health concern. These diseases are preventable, but they are on the rise due to a number of factors, including urbanisation, sedentary lifestyle, changes in diet and nutrition, and regular unsafe practises. The consequence of these habits are counterintuitive to one’s long-term wellbeing, leading to chronic diseases as well as infertility.”

Highlighting the need for timely diagnostics on one’s journey to parenthood, Dr Khushboo Mittal, Senior Pathologist at Indira PathLabs Pune said, “Timely diagnosis of any healthcare issue is essential for all individuals to avoid long-term complications. Conditions like PCOD, high cholesterol and obesity in to-be mothers can help to address fertility problems early on; this is especially imperative for couples who are trying to conceive and to increase their chances of growing their family.”

Indira PathLabs has its presence across 7 cities in India including Mumbai, New Delhi and Patna where incidences of lifestyle diseases are at an exponential rise. Backed by an array of trusted clinical offerings, it seeks to provide accessible, high-quality diagnostics services that empower individuals on the journey of conception and leading to a healthy child’s birth. Indira PathLabs’ Pune centre was launched by Hon. Jagdish Mulik, Ex-MLA, President – BJP, Pune.