2 Crore Vaccine Doses To Be Procured By States This Month, Quota Fixed By Center

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New Delhi, 12th May 2021: The formula for vaccine distribution has been shared by the Central government before the Supreme Court.

According to it, the state governments will be given about two crore doses in May for the population aged 18-44. There are about 595 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 in India. It also said that 85 million doses of the vaccine are expected to be produced this month. The Centre said it has also set quotas for doses that need to be purchased by states directly from vaccine manufacturers.

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The central government has said that these 20 million doses will be sent to the states based on the number of people in the age group of 18-44, to ensure that the doses are evenly distributed. Some states have complained that their allocation is insufficient.

The response has been filed in the Supreme Court by the central government last weekend. The Central Government in consultation with the vaccine manufacturers has fixed the quota based on the 18-44 years population of each state. States will only purchase a fixed amount of vaccine so that there is no disparity in the availability of vaccines between states.

India is currently undergoing a two-pronged vaccination campaign. The second dose is being given to people aged 45 years and above. Meanwhile, people in the 18-44 years group are also being vaccinated from May 1.

The Central Government has made certain conditions mandatory for vaccine manufacturers in India. According to it, both the widely used shots (Covishield and Covaxin) are made in India. Companies have to supply 50 percent of the vaccine stock to the central government. The company can then sell the vaccine to private buyers and state governments.



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