210 players for PYC HDFC Racquet LEAGUE 2023

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Pune, March 7: A total 210 players will represent 6 teams in the PYC HDFC Racquet League that will be organised by the PYC Hindu Gymkhana on its Table Tennis, Tennis, and Badminton facilities from March 8.

Mr. Kumar Tamhane, President of PYC Hindu Gymkhana and Mr. Sarang Lagu, Hon Secretary of the PYC Hindu Gymkhana said that this unique league which was formulated by its members and will include veterans, men’s, women’s and juniors playing in a team and participating in racquet sports namely table tennis, tennis and badminton. The event will be held for the 6th year running.

Mr. Sarang Lagu, Hon. Secretary added that PYC Gymkhana is the only club in the city to offer its members four different leagues one in cricket, one in badminton, with a view of health and recreation of its members , through sports. The league will bring members on a common platform and help them bond as a team as each match in the tie will be of utmost importance, he added.

A Tie between two teams will consist of 8 Matches of Badminton and Table Tennis sports and 7 Matches of Tennis Sport, so in total 23 Matches will comprise of a tie. Players have been awarded stars as per their playing abilities in every sport and on the same basis they were auctioned. The league will witness national level players in all three sports in action.

Matches in all 3sports will be Open Doubles matches of 30 points each, except Match No 6 & 7 of Tennis will be 20 points each.

In an auction 210 players were selected to represent six teams which included
Excaliburs(owned by Madhur Ingalhalikar and Abhishek Tamhane), Kirpans(owned by Nandan Dongre ), Caps Kukris( Pranjali Nadgonde), Ravetkar Musketeers(Amol Ravetkar, Parag Chopada), Pandit-Javdekar Talwars(Shivkumar Javdekar), Badamikar Iyer Colts(Atharva Iyer & Sidharth Badamikar)

A tournament committee comprising of Mr.Abhishek Tamhane, Mr.Tushar Nagarkar, Mr.Tanmay Agashe, Mr.Sarang Lagu, Mr. Ranjit Pande, Mr. Devendra Chitale, Mr. Kedar Nadgonde, Mr. Nadan Dongre has been formed for the smooth conduct of the event.