28 Accidents In Five Months In Borghat On Pune-Mumbai Expressway, Police Blames Improper Design And Slopes

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Lonavala, 27th June 2022: The accident-prone area of 36/45 km of Borghat on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway has become extremely dangerous for commuters.



In the last five months, there have been 28 accidents on it, in which ten people have lost their lives. Most accidents are caused by heavy vehicles. The highway police have observed and revealed that due to the slope of this accident-prone area and its improper design, the driver loses control over the vehicle at this place and the driver has to be extra cautious.

According to a senior official of the Highway Police, the highest number of accidents on the expressway is at 36/45 km near Borghat on the slope towards Mumbai. It has been observed that the road structure in this strip is not suitable for fast driving. The driver loses control of the vehicle due to improper road design and the speed increases due to dangerous slopes which cause accidents to happen in this place. The rate of ‘break’ failure on the slope itself is also increasing.

Between January and May 2022, there were 28 accidents on the 36/45 km belt. Ten people were killed and more than 10 injured in seven accidents. Eight people were injured in five serious accidents and one was injured in a minor accident. No passenger was injured in the 15 accidents, informed the Highway Police.

Additional Director General of Police K Sarangal pointed out that a meeting of the concerned departments of the state government was also held in this regard. More efforts are being made to reduce accidents in the belt and also precautionary measures will be taken to avoid the accidents.