28-Year-Old Woman Narrowly Escapes Attempted Rape in Pune Job Scam

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Pimpri, 16th June 2023: A 28-year-old woman narrowly escaped an attempted rape. The victim, a B.Com graduate, was lured under false pretences for a job interview, only to find herself in a harrowing situation.

Pimpri Police Station has registered a case of attempted rape and molestation against four individuals: Maheshwar Reddy, Chiraguddin Sheikh, Noor Jahan Sheikh, and Arjun Thackeray.

Hailing from West Bengal, the victim had been searching for job opportunities online when she came across a contact number provided by a young woman. Eager for employment, the victim contacted the person, who scheduled an interview in Hinjawadi, Pune. Trusting the arrangement, the victim arrived in Pune, with the contact person assuring her that the individuals involved were helpful and reputable. The contact person introduced the victim to Arjun Thackeray, claiming that he was associated with the company conducting the interview. During the meeting, Maheshwar Reddy interviewed the victim, while Chiraguddin Shaikh and Noor Jahan Shaikh, who identified themselves as partners in the company, were present. In a concerning turn of events,
Mahesh Reddy handed Rs 15,000 to Arjun Thackeray in front of the victim, with Thackeray audaciously declaring that the victim would bring happiness to Reddy.

Subsequently, the victim was subjected to a distressing ordeal characterized by molestation and emotional manipulation. Believing she had secured the job, the victim became an employee. However, just three days into her employment, Mahesh Reddy began making vulgar demands, using explicit language in English. Despite feeling uncomfortable, the victim, desperate for work, chose to disregard the inappropriate behavior. Reddy proceeded to forcefully assault the victim within the office premises in Pune. Threatening to inform the police, the victim managed to escape Reddy’s clutches. However, in
Pimpri, Reddy persisted in his predatory behavior, arranging a meeting to further exploit the victim.

Displaying immense courage, the victim resisted his advances and managed to extricate herself from the situation. Seeking assistance, she confided in Noor Jahan, only to be met with a disheartening response, as Jahan urged her to please Reddy instead of offering support. Growing desperate, the victim turned to Chiraguddin Sheikh, who menacingly claimed that he could sell her in Dubai, brandishing a pistol to intimidate her. Sheikh emphasized that her family would remain oblivious to her fate even if she were sold abroad, asserting his connections to the criminal underworld. To deter her from reporting the incident, Reddy confiscated the victim’s identification card and important documents. The following day, Reddy summoned the
victim to a hotel, prompting her to switch off her mobile phone. Late at night, Reddy video-called the victim, engaging in lewd behavior. Faced with such torment, the victim bravely lodged a complaint with the Pimpri police, resulting in the registration of a case against the four perpetrators.